What are the types of construction you use?
I use two construction methods:

  • Hand Peeled Mortise and Tenon: Depicts old-fashioned, quality furnishings built to last a lifetime (and a whole lot longer!), using wood-in-wood.
  • Bentwood Style with Bark On: Made of durable hard maple, and carefully assembled to give you years of lasting service and satisfaction.

What are your preferred materials?
My favorite material is hard maple. It is durable and beautiful in appearance. Some woods, such as white oak, are naturally more weather resistant and withstand the elements better as outdoor pieces. I craft objects that combine the elements of nature into a creation the pleases the viewer, while at the same time being functional. Some of my pieces use peeled oak and maple for their smooth, interesting appearance. Others, retain their bark to create a casual, rustic feeling. Split wood backs and seats, using oak, maple, or ash, highlight the inner grain patterns of the wood. The strength and durability of a chair or plant stand is sometimes underestimated because of the beauty of the piece. By using only top quality hardwoods, they are built to be strong and functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Can I use my furniture outdoors?
Yes and no. Materials, construction, and your living climate determine whether each piece is suitable for the outdoors. Typically, bentwood pieces require a roof over them. It doesn’t really hurt it if it gets rained on occasionally and as long as it has an opportunity to dry (in fact one of the easiest ways to clean it is to hose it off), but if continuously exposed to outdoor elements it will begin to deteriorate. The White Oak Garden Bench and Butt Cutt Benches are constructed of naturally rot-resistant materials and are made for outdoor use!

What type of finished is used on Bentwood furniture?
You can incorporate your choice of exterior finishes.  Bentwood furniture has a linseed oil, polyurethane finish. Exterior pieces incorporate a spar varnishand/or colored deck finish.

What type of wood is used in the construction?
Bentwood furniture is all framed in hard maple. Bent parts are ash and hazel. Seats and backs are maple, ash, and oak… your choice. Exterior pieces are made of rot-resistant northern white oak, white pine, and tamarack.

What are my options for shipping my furniture?
Your furniture is shipped by UPS, unless it is too large, then it will be shipped by motor freight. Call for an estimate of shipping charges.

Will the chair fit my body? Will the furniture fit my living space?
Chairs are designed for the “average” sized person. Since this is custom built, Duane can make each piece just for you… a little smaller? A little larger?  About your furniture… again, each piece can be customized to your needs.  It’s as easy as getting out your tape measure.