I am a highly skilled craftsman inspired by rustic furniture designs and techniques from the past. I produce one of a kind furnishings with a natural appeal, crafted from fine hard woods found in northern Minnesota.

Seventeen years ago, I left the Chicago area to live and work in northern Minnesota. Located north of Itasca State Park near Shevlin, the studio workshop of Wildwood Rustic Furnishings has access to the hardwoods necessary for the construction of beautiful rustic furniture. Every piece of furniture created is unique.

I incorporate the natural shapes and bends of the hard woods into my creative furnishings, as the wood’s natural shapes dictate the design. When I walk through his forest looking for materials, I visualize finished pieces. Parts of trees are joined as in nature – knots and bark remain, adding beauty and rustic charm to the finished pieces. Often I use downed timber, damaged or already dead trees. He also thins growth areas to aid larger trees. It is through careful consideration of existing growth that there is a continuous supply of this renewable resource.

My favorite material is hard maple. It is durable and beautiful in appearance. Some woods, such as white oak, are naturally more weather resistant and withstand the elements better as outdoor pieces. My craft objects combine the elements of nature into a creation that pleases the viewer, while at the same time being functional.

Some of my pieces use peeled oak and maple for their smooth, interesting appearance. Others retain their bark to create a casual, rustic feeling. Split wood backs and seats, using oak, maple, or ash, highlight the inner grain patterns of wood. The strength and durability of a chair or table is sometimes underestimated because of the beauty of the piece. By using only top quality hardwoods, they are built to be strong and functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

I specialize in hand crafted rustic furniture made from native Minnesota woods such as oak, maple, pine, and ash.  I create each piece by hand, and we can make a piece just for you. Use your ideas to have pieces created that will best serve you. Everything is custom built, one-of-a-kind. If you can dream it, I can build it! All dimensions listed are approximate. Please call or write if you have questions.